About Us

The company’s facilities are housed in a privately owned area of 100 acres, in the Industrial Zone of Heraklion, in one of the most crucial parts of the Mediterranean.


In 2011, A.K.E.K made a huge investment by building a new unit based on Green Technology.

The new state-of–the-art unit has a production capacity of 900 tons per day and the flexibility to produce a wide range of products with various dimensions. The new unit combines state-of-the-art technology with emphasis on environmental protection and energy saving.

The factory has modern automations that provide the possibility of advanced control and production optimisation while ensuring the products’ high quality.

Raw Materials

The raw materials needed are supplied by the company’s two silver mines (in the areas of Agios Sillas and Agios Georgios) ensuring the constant quality and homogeneity of materials.

Production Process

Do you know how a brick is produced? Check out the following video.

Quality Policy

Quality Check lab

A.K.E.K also has a fully equipped quality control laboratory.

In A.K.E.K SA we pay close attention to the quality of our products. For this reason, we have adopted strict control procedures at all stages of our production process. The company is certified and implements a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 9001: 2015. At the same time, according to the European Regulation of Construction Products Law 305/2011 (CPR) the company has a Declaration of Performance (DoP) as well as a Declaration of Conformity (CE) for each product.

Since 1995, a Laboratory for the Development, Research and Quality Control of Ceramics has been operating in our facilities. As part of our research, we have been able to obtain a number of patents and utility model certificates.

In addition, in our laboratory, the raw material, semi-finished and finished products are inspected while a production line of scale models is operating.


Green production line

We prioritise the protection of the environment in all the whole production line!

A key component of our successful course through all these years, is the healthy relationship we have developed with society. Our main concern is to ensure a balance between the economic, social and environmental impact of our activities.

Our production process complies with the European Union regulations, while prioritising the protection of the environment: from the extraction of primary materials to the final product. Our new unit has innovative systems which pay close attention to energy saving as well as the use of environmentally friendly fuels and.

In addition, large-scale recycling system is applied to all stages of production. Solid waste is natural materials (soil and water) which are recycled instantly, by re-channelling them into the production process. The only waste is packaging materials all of which are collected and taken to recycle.