Ceramic products Industry

Building relationships on the Cretan Land, since 1906!

The ceramic industry is developing… A.K.E.K is pioneering!


A.K.E.K. S.A. is a pioneer Greek industry in the field of ceramic production.

It started operating in 1906, in the port of Hersonissos, Crete. Today, A.K.E.K. continues its activities in a 100-acres privately owned facility in Heraklion’s industrial zone.



Construction of beam slab with bricks (zeigeldecken method or Solaio in latero-cemento).


The Katraki

Homemade truck for transporting products.


Boasting about modernization

Soil crusher.


The walk

Loading / unloading wagon outside the brick kiln (Hoffmann).

Our History:

Building relationships on the Cretan Land, since 1906!

In 1847 in Krya Vrysi, a village of Rethymnon, Elias Kanakakis was born. Growing up, he learned the art of bronze and travelled to Izmir to perfect it.
At the turn of the 20th century, Izmir was one of the great cities of the era, with great commercial and economic activity and a special flourishing of the arts and letters.
Elias Kanakakis evolved in his art and enriched his knowledge in the modern means of production of that time.

On his return to Crete, he decided to put his knowledge into practice and so, in 1906, he started the first brick factory in the port of Hersonissos.

Ilias Kanakis

The Founder born in 1847!


The family’s oldest son took on the business, Konstantinos Kanakakis, but he sadly lost his life at an early age, due to an accident in the factory.
Constantine Kanakis


Andreas Kanakakis, another son, took on the family business. Modern building methods were slowly taking over the traditional way of building with stone. The bricks that the Kanakakis family made were the basic construction materials of the time. Andreas Kanakakis improved the production methods in order to cover a large demand for these products, from all over Crete.
Andreas Kanakis


Andreas Kanakakis and Nikolaos Metaxas met and collaborated in order to create a new company called Ceramic Company of Crete (A.K.E.K S.A.). Nikolaos Metaxas, giving it a new direction, leads the company’s management. He re-organised and modernised the company. He also built a new unit in Hersonissos Port which mainly produced bricks and concrete blocks.
Nikolaos Metaxas